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Thread: Official: Dhorassoo to PSG

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    wish him all the luck

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    What can I tell Vikash for a season in Milan? Thanks that left few times on a floor and beat the small legs of opponents

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    Dhorasoo Interview: Why I left Milan…
    Friday 8 July, 2005
    It may have taken a while, but Paris Saint-Germain finally got their man this week when stylish midfielder Vikash Dhorasoo brought an end to his brief Milan career by signing a two-year deal. Chris Burke paid a visit to the Parc to find out why their new No 10 decided to leave what the player describes as the "best club in the world".

    It can't have been easy leaving Milan for PSG?
    First of all, I have to say I'm very happy at PSG, but it was an extremely difficult choice to make and to begin with I really wasn't sure. For me, Milan are the best team in the world, but once I'd made my decision, there was no chance of me changing it.

    What attracted you to PSG exactly?
    In the end, there were plenty of reasons that made me want to come. We're talking about the club from the capital, after all, and I'll be playing at the Parc des Princes. I grew up not too far from here and when I was little we used to drive past the Parc all the time.

    So it was a question of lifestyle?
    Every time I've changed clubs in my career it's been a lifestyle choice. But I want to make a big contribution to the team on the pitch and enjoy a successful time here. It was a sporting choice as well. I've been lucky enough to combine the two.

    When did you make your mind up?
    A while back. At first, I never wanted to leave Milan. I was very happy there, but towards the end of May my agent told me PSG were interested. I spent a long time thinking it through and I discussed it with the people close to me. After that, I did everything I could to make the move happen.

    Such as?
    I spoke to the officials at Milan and they really didn't want me to go. At one point it looked as though the deal wouldn't go through and I would be staying there, which would hardly have been the end of the world! But they respected my reasons and the ending's a happy one. I was straight with them the whole time and so were they. It was all very amicable.

    Last season was fairly disastrous for PSG. Did that not put you off a bit?
    No, I think everything's going to go well. I don't know the ins and outs of what went on last year, but what I do know is that I'm looking to the future. I wouldn't have come here if I didn't think I would enjoy success.

    Do you know what position you'll be playing in?
    Yes, it was crucial for me to know that before I signed. We talked about it and I'll be playing in a central role, but fairly deep. I'll sit more or less in front of the defence, where I can link everything up.

    There were rumours that Marseille made a late bid. Were you tempted by any other offers?
    Never. I never thought of joining another club in France. It was only after PSG had started negotiations that other teams expressed their interest.

    What have you made of PSG's recruitment strategy?
    The squad here is full of quality and the team is starting to take shape in an exciting way. Our goal is to get back into the Champions' League as soon as possible.

    Are you frustrated not to be playing in Europe this year?
    Definitely. I've been playing in the Champions' League for quite a few years now, even if I didn't get in the team much at Milan last season. But I've grown used to it and even when I was at Bordeaux [2001-02] we were in the UEFA Cup. It's a fantastic experience to play in the Champions' League and it'll be annoying to miss out. Like I said though, our goal is to qualify for it again this year.

    The thought of having to face Lyon must be strange?
    It looked like it might happen last year in the Champions' League and I spoke to my old team-mates about it then. It didn't come about in the end, but it's going to be special to return to the Stade Gerland. That's certain to be a very unique match for me.

    Did your decision to return to Ligue 1 have anything to do with the World Cup being just a year away?
    Not at all. I came here to play for PSG, not the France team. And, anyway, I got into the national side when I was on the bench for Milan.

    How would you compare Ligue 1 and Serie A?
    I got asked that in Italy a lot, but I've never felt comfortable about making a comparison. I respect the French championship just like I respect the Italian championship. The main difference is probably that there's less of a gap in class between the teams at the top and bottom in Italy. At the end of last season it took a top-drawer performance from us to beat Fiorentina, and they barely escaped relegation. I think the gulf in quality is bigger in Ligue 1, but the best teams in France are very strong indeed.


    A very classy player, and a classy man too, he has no bad words for Milan, even after being treated in my opinion, like a second rate player when for me, he was definately a first class player! Sad to see him go, but at least things ended happily
    You can love many women...but only ONE football club!!!


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    Was gonna post the same opinion after reading that actually.. He's a really nice person and great player.. Sad that he couldn't find space here, but I wish him all the best for the future!

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    Not said one bad word about Milan A great person
    AC MILAN Tu Sei Tutta la Mia Vita !!!

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