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Thread: [Scudetto 2003/2004] The Final! AC Milan - AS Roma (Serie A)

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    Scudetto Showdown In The Shrine

    -> AC Milan --- Vs --- AS Roma <-

    ===== Stadio SAN SIRO =====

    +++++ May 2, 2004 (SUNDAY) +++++

    Live on British Eurosport (14:00 kick-off UK Time)


    And so the moment of truth is upon us! When the Serie A schedule was drawn up and this game was slated to be played late on in the twilight of the season most people knew that it would be a very important game and would play a part in deciding/influencing the Scudetto race in one way or the other.

    Little did we know that this game would turn out to be the show-stopper with epic proportions and a whole lot more at stake than imaginable with Italia's best two sides (Season '03-'04) in a good old fashioned six-shooter draw! :cool:

    Sunday Bloody Sunday waits. The scene is set and what a majestic scene and setting !! --->>> The Holy Shrine of World Football <<<---. The grand four towers will encompass a full 85,700 football fans of which 8000 will be travelling to Milano and supporting their beloved AS Roma that is planning on doing something that it has not done since March of 1986!!!

    The gargantuan task of defeating the Fire-Breathing Devil that is AC Milan in the Devil's Den awaits! evil2:

    evil2: BRING IT ON!!! evil2:

    M I L A N

    Milan has had a fantastic season in the Serie A. It will surely be remembered for the fantastic performances that started pouring in after the Winter Break. Prior to that Milan was working like a machine grinding out results with effective performances. That blossomed into powerful possession football which was not only delightful to watch but left one gasping in awe! :cool:

    The result is that Milan is now in pole position to win the Scudetto and wear that Fabulous Crest that only the Champions can wear!! The Crest is leaving Torino for sure this season. Come Sunday we will know if it is going to Milan or there is a possibility of it going Southbound to the Italian capital -> Rome.

    Milan hold a 6 point lead over rivals Roma and a win for Roma would cut it down to 3 points with two rounds to go. Seeing that Milan's last game is going to be against The Divine Ponytail (Roberto Baggio) inspired Brescia Calcio anything could happen!

    Apart from last season when Juve packed, racked and stacked the Scudetto it has been going down to the wire since '98-'99 so it could happen this season as well!

    This title is Milan's to lose. Milan's destiny is in their own hands. Deliverance is the thing that remains!

    Milan - Tactical Set-Up

    President Silvio Berlusconi ordered coach Carlo Ancelotti to play two strikers at all costs which Carlo did. At the time Milan was enjoying a good moment of form so the tactic didn't hurt that much but Milan lost the most important game of the season and the two striker policy played its role in it. A game that needed us to play decent football and not excellent football blasted right in our face to a lack of factors. We only needed to control that game.

    Every team has a certain set of players who possess their specific characteristics and therefore a particular formation will bring out the best in that set of players!

    For this current crop of Milan players the 4-3-2-1 formation is the 'Golden Formation' . It has been for a while and that formation has resulted in Milan not only playing awesome football but also winning big games with it!

    There can be bad days and bad games for a team and this formation has had a couple of bad days with weak first half performances where a formation change has resulted in a positive fightback in the second 45. Generally speaking this Milan side excels in the 4-3-2-1 formation. We control the midfield and boss it more often than not! Age old saying is that control the midfield and you control the game!

    It is yet unknown as to what Carlo will play but considering the task, timing, importance of the match the following set of players would be best:


    With two attacking fullbacks overlapping the midfield this system is I D E A L for us. A win is not important in this game but controlling the game is so that we don't lose. This is the way to go and it will be very hard for Roma to beat us with this formation if no defensive mistakes are made.

    Inzaghi's season is over as he will undergo surgery which leaves us with Tomasson as the only backup striker who has enough minutes under his belt. I think fate has intervened just like it did prior to the game in Rome when Carlo was forced to play this formation and Roma tasted defeat in their own backyard after that amazing run!

    Even Silvio stated that playing with one outright striker was ok as long as Milan played attacking football but he learned the hard way so it is Carlo's call to make! In Carlo 'The Terminator' Ancelotti we trust !

    R O M A

    Roma too have had a fantastic season in the Serie A. In normal circumstances the amount of points (70 points) Roma have would be enough to win the Scudetto. The slight problem is that their opponents are 6 points ahead and even now they are not confirmed of the title! Amazing season where records have tumbled left and right!

    These two sides have just raised the bar with their superb displays in the Italian league! Credit must go to both of them.

    Roma was just too hot to handle in the first half of the season where they just didnot put a foot wrong!!! That is as close to perfection as a team can get!!! It was football out of this world and the results were there to prove it!!

    Roma had the momentum, force and energy going for them where they scored at will and didnot concede goals so much so that Roma's Olimpico Stadium was a fortress with only 1 goal conceded. That was changed by the visit of Milan who not only scored more than 1 but went on to win that game 1-2! :cool:

    Back to back defeats in the same month in the Coppa Italia and all of a sudden the same perfect Roma side could not contend with a rampant Milan side that defeated them 3 times in a short span! Milan shook Roma's world

    Roma got back on track and after some topsy turvy times are in a brilliant moment yet again! They have the form, momentum and energy with them!!!

    Milan has slagged off a bit in recent weeks with not so special performances! April was not a good month in the overall context and that Deportivo elimination has left the team scarred and wounded!

    Roma too got eliminated by Juan Roman Riquelme's Villareal but they have bounced back with full concentration on not giving up on this title!!! They are like the annoying pest who just does not die (No offence folks ... just a figure of speech).

    The bright side of all this is that at least we look forward to every matchday because it is not decided as yet!

    Roma - Tactical Set-Up

    The world's highest paid coach Don Fabio Capello has altered his side's formation from a 3-5-2 variation to a standard 4-4-2 depending on the situation!!

    He will prefer to field a 5 man midfield so that it is not overrun by a Milan side that is capable of dominating in that area as Capello found out to his displeasure in January!

    A man midfield is just asking to be spanked as Roma with all due respect cannot match Milan's midfield man for man. They are excellent but they are not a homogeneous unit as yet. It has happened before that their main players in midfield have not been on form when required in some games and that has hurt Roma's cause.

    Lima is a liability but is a liability that needs to be played! He has had some real cuckoo games but there is not a valid alternative for this season. I am sure the DON will get a player to fill in that role!

    Roma's midfield will be very dependent on the performance of Emerson + Dacourt duo. They have had off days and good days. The Shrine is not exactly the easiest venue to be playing in when it comes to a big game and this one is arguably the biggest game of the season in the Serie A! It has nail-biter written all over it!!

    I am not too sure about the team the Don plays. I do have an inkling that a 5 man midfield is very much on the cards though. Capello might go with this team:


    I personally think that considering Roma's showing against Milan this season where they have been beaten thrice and not been able to control the midfield a return to conventions won't help the cause that much.

    Secondly the SAN SIRO is the HORROR ZONE for Roma. This is one stadium that is cursed for them. If I was Capello I would strengthen the midfield and for that you need to players who can hold the ball with comfort and do a little magic along the way as well!

    Totti MUST be in that area and not playing as an outright striker. The formation I have given above could work very well if:

    1. Mancini is given freedom to move forward. He should be the only one though.

    2. Emerson, Dacourt and Lima are all instructed to go forward but not make it their home in the process.

    3. Totti and Cassano link up in the final third and also help out in the centre.

    4. Carew can put away the sitters he gets.

    The midfield above is more like a 6 man midfield but when one looks at it that one of Totti/Cassano will be pushing forward to help out Carew at different times then it is more like a 5 man midfield with a slight variation!


    --->>> M I L A N <<<---

    - The Iron Curtain -

    The man responsible for the quality jump in this new improved Milan side that is a force now is the man who himself came from Rome and Roma's eternal rivals S.S Lazio.

    Nesta has a game on his hands. Roma will come everything they've got. They will fire everything they've got. His job is to make sure they are blanks!

    He IS the world's best defender and he will be up against the best playmaker in the world at this time! (Ronaldinho does ring a bell but let's give him another season )

    --->>> R O M A <<<---

    - The Roman Gladiator -

    The leader of the Roman side and the self-proclaimed 'Bandiera' is enjoying one of his best seasons ever!!! This can only be good news for Giovanni Crapattoni who kisses Totti's a$$ even in his dreams! Italia has high hopes of this grand player who is in brilliant form!

    He has inspired Roma and led them to this point. He is leading from the front and leading by example!!! He along with the Don is determined to give the Rossoneri a fight till the death!!

    The tattoo he sports is what he is doing!! Fighting like a Gladiator against the odds and so far reigning supreme!

    He has to raise his game in the most intimidating arena of them all!


    It is a possible curtain call to this season's Italian Championship then. It has been a record breaking season for Milan and a great one for Roma who were plain average last season! The Don has once again defied the odds and proved that if he has a decent side then he can make things happen for sure!! Under the circumstances 70 points is more than enough to win the Scudetto. At least it gives a team a very good shot to win the title!!

    Difference is that Milan is 6 points ahead and enjoying a grand season in Italia.

    So the San Siro prepares for the biggest game of the season with millions tuned to the sets worldwide in a possble finale to the season!

    The Giallorossi will be welcomed by the 'Curva Sud' and a host of traditional RED Flares and the legendary Choreography that will send a message across. Simple yet effective and a work of art! evil2:

    The San Siro will be jam packed with 8000 Roma jerseys and if that number is more then they will be Inter fans who purchased Roma jerseys just for this match i: evil2:

    Roma's task is reminiscent of climbing K-2! This is the venue they most hate to visit. In recent years a rampant Roma side has been beaten by a Milan side struggling. It is the PRESENCE of the arena, the atmosphere and the ambience of the world's greatest theatre! :cool:

    1986 and counting. Been a long time since they last won here. Difficult but not impossible by any means! Roma is cornered right now with nothing to lose! A team is at its most dangerous when it reaches that state! There is no tomorrow for Roma! It is Now or Never!

    Big game, Mammoth stadium, Huge Atmoshpere, High Ambience, Vociferous crowd, Direct Title Rivals, The best sides this season and the CREST is at stake! :cool:

    Time to dance with the Devil for Roma. Come prepared!


    Football is a strange game. April was an average month for Milan and it was a grand month for Roma. March was super for us. I am hoping that May will turn a new leaf and be a fantastic month for us! It has worked in months for us! One brilliant month followed by an average month.

    Carlo won't commit the mistake he made in La Coruna going for an all out attack. Roma needs the win more than us so he will go for possession rather than pushing forward without purpose!

    This is football. Anything can happen!

    --- Scoring Draw ---

    M I L A N

    Riferimento d'Europa

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    Super Haroon:mexican:

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    Awsome post Haroon, and it covers EVERYTHING!

    but for our sake and the scudetto's we have to win!!

    FORZA MILAN!!!!!

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    great post haroon! My prediction 2-0, goals scored by Sheva and Kaka.
    Forza Milan


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    that would be great and especially after kaka scored for brazil, he got warmed up for roma this weekend

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    carew , not able.
    montella maybe.

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    Chivu picked up an injury in romania vs germany friendly and is doubtful for the San Siro clash!
    AZERBAIJAN -- 20% of territory occupied by Armenia.

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    so 3 player will be out for Roma Carew, Montella and Chivu

    and Milan Inzaghi and who???????

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