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Thread: CL: Arsenal - Milan

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    May 2006


    Can't but to agree with you Haroon. We really messed up in the first half, everybody did from Allegri to Zlatan. But it's as equally strong how we came back in the second half. Arsenal had but one chance, while we had several and IMO Zlatan was really good in the second half.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haroon View Post
    It's pointless to blame ZI in this game IMO. It was not his fault at all.
    Fine. Next time Pato has a bad game I want to hear the same line from you, and none of that “other teams close him down and he was garbage” bullshit again! How many bad games in Europe this guy must have for people to see what he is. Compare his record in Europe to TRUE legendary players; Raul, Pippo, Sheva, Mueller, Eusebio, MVB… Every player has bad games. But only Ibra sucks in every important game in European Cup!! While bad games for other players are expetions to the rule his are the rule!

    Haroon, please do me a favor and read his autobiography. This guy has never ever felt any responsibility for his team loss! EVER!! It was always the coach, other players, bad luck, injuries, tiredness etc. I am not making this up. Read his book!
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    Walker has many good points, but i do not think the loss on tuesday was due to Ibra. When a coach gets the tactics so badly wrong that they are 3-0 down by half time and hadn't seen the ball hardly, the striker can do little unless he has Rooney/Tevez type mentality and are prepared to run back to their own box to get the ball. Ibra isnt that. Gerrard was shit in the first half of the 2005 UCL final becasue the tactics by Benitez were wrong and they were steamrolled! Second half he was inspirational.

    Ibra does have a lot to prove but in the first leg he was very very good indeed. He did only score a penalty but he was excellent. If it was Messi the fact he didnt score wouldnt have been mentioned, but then again the world loves Messi and it doesnt love Ibra.

    The next round will prove it either way. He was also very good against barca this season don't forget!

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    I think all that could be said about ZI has been said. I will agree to disagree with you Walker. I am a firm critic of ZI and others if they don't step up but as Drew mentioned, it was the coach that messed up badly in the first half and was not quick enough to make changes. In that game, ZI was in fact on the halfway line winning the balls back for the team and doing what he could do. He was anonymous but not his fault. Our entire front line was anonymous as well.

    It was only in the second half that the team came to life and we must admit that in the first leg ZI had a wonderful game. There is time to judge him. We know that we are playing the QF next and we can see what ZI can do for us over two legs then. So far, I think he has done well for us in the UCL. He has done better than what he did for Ajax, Juve, Inter and Barcelona in the UCL for us.

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