Drew .... I think Robinho, ZI and Pato were all poor on the night. We are out because of ALL of them, not one or two of them.

ZI - Bottled it again. He was slightly better than the first leg but he bottled it again.

Robinho - Utterly poor finishing. He got into the best scoring positions because of his movement.

Pato - Once again he showed that he can only excel if he is given space (which happens on the quick counters only and that is what Leo used to bank on). When there is no space and the opposition is compact Pato can't score all night long.

There is a very good reason why all of ZI, Pato and Robinho have a TERRIBLE goal scoring record in the UCL and even more so in the UCL KO rounds because these players for their own reasons have their special weaknesses which are exploited and EXPOSED in the UCL KO rounds to the full.

In my book all three of them are speed-breakers in our race to the UCL. They will always be a hindrance to our success rather than an accessory to it.

The sad thing is that I can't see Milan letting go of them so soon so we need miracle signings in other areas to cover for these bottling clowns and not somebody like that Vanilla Ice looking mothafucka Mexshit.