I have a love for the movies. The last thread I made was only for the Summer movies so I have made this one to continue discussions on movies past, present and future around the world. But additionally I have added TV and Music so that all aspects of entertainment can be discussed here as well. This will keep things tidy in one thread.

James Cameron's highly anticipated movie event of the year AVATAR has been sold out for its November 24, 2009 private showing to a select audience. The official trailer broke all past records for most viewings! Everybody who had a chance to see 17 mins of the people in the official opening has been raving about it ever since. Cameron is playing it perfectly when it comes creating hype for the movie.

The teaser kept one guessing but the first official trailer gives an idea of the storyline and plot. It has changed the ball game because it is very exciting.

You can view it below in YouTube HD. The Gunships are fantastic looking IMO and I will purchase one. The most legendary movie toy IMO is either the Millennium Falcon or the Ecto-1 vehicle. I was a sucker for that Caddy.

There are strong rumours around that the total cost for the making of Avatar will be $500 million! The movie itself cost around a shade over $300 million but around $200 million is for the marketing and hype! Cameron is good enough to give heart attacks to investors! High risk high reward. That expenditure on one single movie easily dwarfs the amount spent on Titanic which was less than half. Heck, with that money we could build our own stadium!

It means the movie better be number 1 in the US for at least 6 weeks and it has to rake in around $400 million from the rest of the world to make a reasonable profit. There is a part 2 planned as well so they might have already put that in planning and like Perez spent it all in one go for the sets and props and re-use them in Part II saving the costs.

My advice to all of you is to watch AVATAR in a proper 3D cinema where possible. Don't do a Gaylliani and save a few bucks on the ticket price or travel cost. Just experience it in the best cinema near you with proper 3D capability. That means IMAX or one of the new DLP cinemas. It will be a visual treat. You will travel to Pandora. This movie will change cinematography. One of the reasons for its high cost of production is that no movie has ever been filmed with this technology.

I've seen Star Trek, G.I. Joe and Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen so far. Loved Star Trek and thought that G.I. Joe was good. Transformers II was laughable but good entertainment as I had left out my brain at the door. I was prepared for the BS.

I will see Mann's Public Enemies over the weekend. Waiting for Angels & Demons and Terminator Salvation.