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Thread: Udinese - Milan

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    I agree with every single thing in your post above Dario. Carlo has to take a lot of the blame for how we play. In fact Milan has always suffered when we concede the first goal. It becomes a mountain for us to climb if we concede first. We can't come back in a big way if we go down 2 goals. It has been rare for Carlo's sides to fight back. Either we are authoritative from the word go or we slump. That is a broad generalization by the way but an observation nonetheless.

    I think that a lot of the blame has to go on the players (who should be removed from Milan now) because it is this same group of players who want Carlo to remain and not let go because they enjoy the easy life and relaxed life under Carlo. They don't want a ball busting coach to come and go apeshit on them. Hence, the problem is not only limited to Carlo himself but a whole bunch of excess baggage that can do no good to Milan anymore and hence, should be discarded at the earliest. We really do need a massive clear-out and revolution this Summer.

    And that clear-out won't make us under-staffed in total squad number as such because we are already over-staffed. The problem is the entire group. That group includes the top brass management, the coach and the excess baggage players over 10 in number. A total of 14 people or so are the reason for this. Some take more blame than others but that is where the problem lies.

    If the fixing is not done properly this Summer then we can expect more dark days. I still can't digest how the hell did Inter win 4 consecutive Scudetti while Milan sat there looking at time flying. Now they are level with us. It's a shame to let a team who was behind by 4 catch you while you just fanny about for half a decade.

    To make it more embarrassing our aim was the Scudetto (it was a super-fluous aim with this team but the daydreamers believed it! ) as there was no UCL but we plonked it by December to make it a closed case! It's not only Carlo but the morons giving him Ronaldinho, Favalli, Shevchoker and arranging a fireworks show friendlies in Hungary and what not shit. ALL OF THEM have contributed to this dire state.

    Blame Carlo but don't forget the bigger picture. Carlo alone can't be made the scape-goat in all of this. There are other buffoons equally if not more involved in making this five star delicacy of horse-shit with mashed baboon cojones.

    M I L A N

    Riferimento d'Europa

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    Loads of players need to leave. Loads of them and this is not out of spite or personal grudge but purely on merit because they are not the right players anymore to represent Milan.
    This is the hardest time of the season, as motivation suffers. Get CL qualification and move on to next season.........

    Several players wont be there, and they know it, while the ones that remain face a sort of an abyss, as knowbody really knows the direction the club will take.

    Ancelotti is a passenger like Kaka, Pato and the others that will remain. Are we going to have another un-trophy season? are we going to recruit crap, or 35yo has-beens? are we going to sign marketing players rather than those we really need?

    Whether its those that will remain or those that will go - the situation is vague...

    Its obvious that Berlusconi has lost touch with the club, becoming a dreamer in the process. He's in la-la land when it comes to Milan. This is where the problem is - no direction, no genuine ambition.

    The rest is a sliding scale of shit - feeds this and every other forum, and pub converstaions when people speak about Milan.........

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