Just a reminder we are actually playing an important Serie A game tomorrow.

Personally I do not know if I should stick around and watch it or maybe take out my wife for an early brunch. Hmmmm….

Also I am an evil man and the little devil inside me wants Milan to loose big, like 3 nothing or so, so the bold one has no choice but to fire Carlo!!! Since some time ago he promised that if Carlo should leave he will also leave, then I can only hope he is a man of his word…

I also hope to see some of my favorite players start the game:

Dida; Favalli, Senderos, Jankulovski, Seedorf. Unfortunately Neverson, Kaladze and Sheva are not called up. What a bummer. If only we had healthy Borriello….. We would show all those Inters and Werders …..