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Thread: Milan-Inter

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    May 2007
    Baku, Azerbaijan


    What a bliss was to watch yesterday's derby Complete, total superiority of Milan. Of course, Milan created troubles in the end of the match, as usual. But - all is well that ends well

    In general, giornata was very good - Fiorentina lost, Roma won

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    Feb 2003
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    Saw this on another forum, the Brigate at their best


    "AC Milan will always have what it takes to win on the field of play. But even if we can't win, never say Inter."

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    Dec 2003
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    Grazie Milan.

    My personal player ratings:

    Kalac 6.5 - Overall he had a good game. I bet if it was Dida today we would have lost today. Ok, you guys may blame him for the goal, but i think the fault for the goal goes also for our players next to the wall, they could have prevented Cruz shoot that free.
    Bonera 6.5 - Is he playing better than Oddo at his best, or do i make things up?
    good at defending, active when we attack, crosses good (except in the 68 min), i think Carlo should utilize him to a great RB.
    Nesta 10 - he is such a motherfucker when it comes to defending. KING nothing more to say.
    KK 6.5 - had also a good game, who wouldnt partnered by the KING.
    Jankulovski 6- he is isnt ready yet, long time sidelined due to an injury , came in to sub a great for the first 40 minutes veteran, Favalli.
    Pilro 6 - still room to improve . we have seen the better of him. His free kicks suck.
    Clarence 6- same as Pirlo
    Ambrossini 7- he also was good yesterday , did some stupid fauls, but it is his job isnt it?
    Rino 6.5 - good game , did his job well, unfortunately he cannot contibute that much when we attack, but "killing" he does well.
    Kaka 10- what Nesta is for our back line that is Kaka for our front line. Legend , King say whatever you like
    Pippo 8.5 - i wish he was 5 years younger, to screw up all soccer records. My respect for his 35 years, and the goals he scores with those tired legs. Grazie Pippo

    ps: This victory will not be worth anything if we dont beat Napoli away (Napoli plays it hard against the big four this season, beat Juve and Inter home) and Udine at home.

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