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Thread: MILAN - Atalanta

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    Feb 2003
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haroon View Post
    My comments won't stop people from coming. It's not as if I am on an anti-DM campaign or something! It didn't stop you from joining and staying. More members will join. DM has always been about quality rather than quantity from its very early days.

    I absolutely hate Berluspony and Gaylliani at this time. Actually I hate Mr. Corruption Gaylliani since Calciopoli broke out. The Silvio hate came a little later when he didn't fire Gaylliani for being corrupt.

    I want to curse them a whole lot more than what I am doing because I absolutely hate them and can't tolerate their behaviour towards Milan. This is my way to let it out.

    Does anybody know the driver who ran down a fellow fan prior to Juve-Parma? He might come in handy in Milano.

    "AC Milan will always have what it takes to win on the field of play. But even if we can't win, never say Inter."

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    i just wonder what Silvio does when we loose to Atalanta, Arezzo , Pescara , Sangiovanesse, Crotone?
    Probably,he turns his DVD on and watches Pamelas big bubs in action....

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