Gaylliani rages at Ref

Milan Vice-President Adriano Galliani has blamed referee Christian Brighi for his side’s shock defeat against Atalanta.

Carlo Ancelotti’s men were humbled by the Bergamo boys 2-1, but the Rossoneri felt the officials’ decisions didn’t help their cause.

“The match was completely decided by the referee,” Galliani raged on the Milan Channel.

“The first half was our fault, but then Brighi made three consecutive mistakes and that proved fatal.

“One error penalised us and the other two favoured them, but there is no point complaining because we are told that everything is fine these days.

“Sergio Floccari’s foul on Massimo Oddo for the first goal was incredible. Clarence Seedorf’s disallowed goal was valid. It’s amazing how the linesman next to Antonio Langella didn’t notice that he was playing Clarence onside.

“And then of course, Massimo Ambrosini’s goal was legitimate. But at the end of the day we have unfortunately lost at home once again.”

Milan are now in sixth place, but their deficit on Fiorentina remains four points after the Viola were beaten by Udinese.

This is the talk of a loser trying to save his skin by what he has left. We lost the game because Pirlo didn't convert his penalty. No need to make Pirlo the scape-goat on this one as he truly sucks at penalties. I've seen him miss more than he has scored. It was a bad decision to give him the penalty when others on the pitch were better.

-> Seedorf was clearly offside. The faggot is not seeing things clearly. It is not even disputable! Lying in public once again.

-> Ambrosini jumped higher than the goalie but he pushed him while falling down. The goalkeeper always gets the benefit of doubt. Funny that Gaylliani never said the same thing against that Cambiasso disallowed goal in the UCL from a couple of seasons ago. Fvcking hypocrite.

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