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Thread: UCL RD-16: 2nd Leg - Milan Vs. Arsenal

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    Aug 2005
    Karlskrona, Sweden


    Great postmatch comments by Ancelotti IMHO.

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    Aug 2005
    Karlskrona, Sweden


    Whatever dude, I wasn't talking literally, you know that, and I am sure you get my point. Not that I think you care one bit, but if you keep up with your attitude towards Milan's legends you lose my respect, and I figure many others. In general, I think you write interesting posts, but they will indeed be overshadowed by such statements as tonight.

    Sleep is calling, off I go.

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    Jul 2003


    You have your view I have mine.

    As I said respect Gurre!

    FORZA MILAN!!!!!!!
    in un mese hai perso moglie,tifosi e kakà,papi vendi la società

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    Aug 2001
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    Age, injuries, poor form, very good opponent.

    Milan had to score early and kill-off the game, but the longer the 0-0 lasted, the more Arsenal were going to win.

    No surprises here.

    Maybe, just mabye, this will sting management to renew the squad.

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    Aug 2001


    One of the better performances was put in by the great Capitano. Sad that
    this was probably Maldini's last game on the euro level...champions like him can never truly be

    Berluska has already confirmed Ancelotti, as had done Galliani a few days ago...even with no CL for Milan next year, Carletto will be the coach according to Galliani.

    Only way he leaves is if he's offered the Italian NT job, Imo.

    As always
    FORZA MILAN!!!!!

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    Aug 2001
    Poppel - Belgium


    Galliani: We chose World Cup
    Tuesday 4 March, 2008

    Milan general manager Adriano Galliani insists this is not the end of an era and it was “a choice” to focus on the Club World Cup.

    “This is not the end of an era. We put the priority on Japan and winning the Club World Cup. It was our choice.

    “We knew it would cost a great deal in terms of physical and psychological energy, but it remains an historic season and there is no need to change.”

    The Rossoneri were the reigning Champions League winners and also took the Club World Cup and European Super Cup, but exited the competition 2-0 to Arsenal.

    “I believe Arsenal played better than we did over the 180 minutes and so deserved to go through. No club has won the Champions League twice in a row since us in 1990-91, so we couldn’t break that taboo,” said Galliani.

    “We did really well in the opening 15-20 minutes and there was a period of Arsenal pressure, but we conceded a goal right when Arsenal seemed to be on a downward spiral.

    “Unfortunately it was decided in midfield and we had some players returning from injury, others out completely like Clarence Seedorf, so it was very bad timing.

    “This is football and we must focus on our next challenge. Let’s not forget we are the club with the most trophies in the world and in 2007 we won three prestigious cups.”

    There were reports Carlo Ancelotti would be sacked if he failed to reach the Champions League semi-finals, but Galliani painted a different picture.

    “Our President Silvio Berlusconi is fantastic and told the players that we can’t always win in football, so we have to keep going.

    “It is a great shame that after so many years we went out in the second round, but we were unlucky to pick Arsenal so early.

    “We did our duty and won our group, but Arsenal came second in theirs, so we crossed paths.”

    Always the superstitious type, the Milan transfer guru looked to the future.

    “We have reached the Champions League Final in odd years – 2003, 2005 and 2007 – so we book our ticket for 2009.”

    this makes me sick
    Forza Milan


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    May 2007
    Baku, Azerbaijan


    What to say - Arsenal played football better than Milan, yesterday. It was terrifying during all the match, but when it seemed that we was able to remain standing against that unbelievable pressing, another Pirlo's mistake ended with the Fabregas's goal.

    P.S. Funnily, before the start of the season, I disputed with one of the milanistas from Moscow, that Arsenal this season will be very strong (he said that they are not a good team). Unfortunately, I was right.

    P.P.S. Bravo MALDINI! Just BRAVO!!!

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    May 2003
    London, UK


    Hmmm ... well it's done. I was concerned a lot when Filipez posted the probable line-ups last night as it seemed like a Milan 4-4-2 diamond up against an Arsenal 4-5-1. Historically that has been an achilles' heel for Ancelotti's side because in reality it becomes a 3 on 5 for us and we get run over and owned by the other side!!

    My hope was that Arsenal are not ultra tactical so there would be a chance but boy did they play with their heads as well as skill.

    We got owned last night and the signs of an elimination were there from the first half. You could just see the body language of the Arsenal players and see the confidence in their movement, passing and penetration while Milan was being taken aback by all of this and committing mistake after mistake be it wrong passes, bad clearances or the general lack of calm amongst the Milan players. You could see and observe these things.

    I think a multitude of factors contributed to our loss:

    1. The diamond midfield Vs. a 5 man midfield

    Seedorf may be whatever he is but his loss was irreplaceable in more ways than one. He holds up the ball. He passes the ball, he assists for goals, he shoots from range and he falls back to help the team defensively. Plus, he can slow up the game which can come in very handy i.e. last night.

    Seedorf going out meant a diamond midfield and that is an unbalanced midfield because Pirlo is under-utilized, Gattuso is lost and Ambrosini along with them makes the midfield devoid of creativity. The whole shape changes. Even Kaka has to make very long runs from deep which is not the case in the X-Mas tree formation.

    2. Pirlo

    Pirlo's role changed due to the shape of the midfield and he was lost. He was lost in the first leg as well but it doesn't hurt that much in a tree formation. It hurts badly in a diamond. We were simply over-run and totally owned in the midfield which is where this game was lost for us.

    At one point Arsenal had 60% possession in the San Siro!! They ended up with 55%. That's not good but that is reality because diamond versus 5 man mids mean 3 on 5 with the opposition getting a man advantage. Our midfield gets even more tired that way.

    I am not against the diamond but you need the proper players in the proper position for it to work.

    Pirlo sucked. He was double teamed and he was not given time on the ball but even when he had the time he looked a lost figure with bad passes. One clearance of his was horrid when he passed the ball from our own penalty area to an Arsenal player right in front of the box. That was the summary of how he played. He needed to click for us to have a chance last night and he was terrible IMO.

    3. Pato

    Pato is good but he disappointed me last night. He has joined 2 months ago so he has loads of time but he has to develop this thing very quickly of becoming a team player. Last night I saw an over-zealous and excited kid too focused on scoring a goal to send 83,000 fans into delirium. In doing that, he forgot to help his team, pass to his teammates or just plain help out the team when required. I hope he changes fast and thinks about this game in his alone time as the UCL is won by a team, not by individuals.

    4. Gattuso

    Gattuso was lost once again. Not that I am surprised because this is not the first time I have seen him suffer when the heat is on. He was in between Adebayor and Fabregas. Just pick one and make hell for him all night. You can't take out both so make the smart choice. He decided to be close to both and stay between them and then go for the one who got it. It didn't work.

    5. Oddo

    He was pretty pathetic IMO. I don't know what type of crosses he sends but even when he had time, he was hapless!! I didn't see any intelligent gameplay at all. On the other hand Clichy was playing smart, making the overlapping runs and creating space while doing his defensive duties with aplomb.

    Adebayor had the better of Oddo all night. Oddo was lost and I've seen him lost more often than what he knows his doing in the past few months.


    Save the shot dude. But to his credit, he was good all night.


    Anyway, this is the end now. We are out and Ancelotti has made one more bit of negative history. He does it in even years somehow! 2002, 2004, 2006 and now 2008. Dortmund, La Coruna, Barcelona and now Arsenal are all negative history chapters for us. Liverpool in 2005 as well. I said it once that a team needs to make history to take us out in the UCL. I don't know why it happens in such monumental fashion but I have grown accustomed to it now.

    Berlusconi's face after the game was the best sight of the whole night. The fruits of his labour.

    There won't be big changes or many changes. We will continue on the same path with a transfer here or there. I don't agree with it but this is how it is. No UCL next season will just become an excuse that it is difficult to attract players blah blah blah. Gaylliani and Berluspony lie a lot in any case.

    Seems quite strange that the season has ended in early March. Nothing to play for now. But, this was bound to happen the way things were going.

    Sincerest congratulations to Arsenal. They were the better side over two legs and thoroughly deserved to go through. Good luck in the remainder of the competition.

    M I L A N

    Riferimento d'Europa

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