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Thread: AC Milan Vs ManUtd

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    Dec 2003
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    Forza Gattuso , this man definitively has a Milan heart. this is what i call passion , love and faith. Proud to have you in our team, Rino.

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    We need it to be shown on the pitch

    Forza Rino and Milan

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    May 2003
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    It's a UCL semi-final. I expect nothing less than a vociferous, deafening and intimidating San Siro that becomes an amphitheatre once again on a big UCL night for Milan.

    The San Siro will rock.

    The speech by Gattuso is the wisest one I have read. Boy, has he changed to a smart person.

    Slur Alice and his Utd. team have never and will never face a more tougher atmosphere to perform in. They think this is 1999 and Milan is in a worse position than Juve was back then.

    When will people realize that the reference standard for Serie A in the UCL is MILAN and not Juve?

    M I L A N

    Riferimento d'Europa

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    That is such a good letter, bravo Gattuso
    You can love many women...but only ONE football club!!!


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    I need to settle down or i'll have a heart attack before Wednesday. I havent been so pumped up for a game since the CL Final against Juve. FORZA MILAN!!!

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    indeed this game is already in my mind for days now! and i'm also drunk for days now so thats a good combination; beer and shouting milan

    btw yesterday in the gazetto there was a very big article about pipo, and concerning all the rumours i think it will be pipo who gets the honour

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    Milan Look To Stifle United

    Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti believes his side will triumph over Manchester United if they can stifle their attacking strengths.

    United take a 3-2 lead to Milan on Wednesday night for the second leg of their UEFA Champions League semi-final, and Ancelotti knows that a 1-0 win will be enough to take his side to the final.

    However, as Sir Alex Ferguson's men have scored 10 goals in their last two European games, Ancelotti is prepared to concede, but feels that would be 'no tragedy'.

    "There's always tension and expectation ahead of a semi-final tie, but I think we are in good condition to do well," he said.

    "We know who we are up against - Manchester proved to have great quality in the opening leg. I don't believe there will be many great surprises as to how they will play tomorrow.

    "If we were to concede a goal, it will be no tragedy. We have to play for 90 minutes and I believe we can score more than one goal.

    "Our aim is to control the game as we did in Manchester, when we were able to have the upper hand for 60 minutes. Now we have to do the same for the entire game - that is the best path to victory.

    "One of Manchester's characteristics is the strength in their attack and the most dangerous striker is Wayne Rooney, as he showed in the opening leg.

    "That is why we must limit their actions up front."

    Ancelotti feels his Milan side are now the flag-bearers for Italian football this year, with all three of other the semi-finalists being English.

    "We are very honoured to represent Italian football in this competition and more so considering that our nation are world champions.

    "My team is a very Italian side, with an Italian soul and I believe we are best able to represent Italian football."

    And despite suggestions that the current Milan team are coming to the end of their cycle, Ancelotti is confident his side have many years left in them yet.

    "When we lost against Liverpool in the final in Istanbul, people said it was the end of a cycle.

    "I think we can postpone that for several years. The average age of my team is 28-29, so they are in full maturity right now."

    "AC Milan will always have what it takes to win on the field of play. But even if we can't win, never say Inter."

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    May 2003
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    The build-up to this gigantic clash is a tad different to the one against Bayern.

    When we travelled to Munich, we had the odds stacked against us bad as we needed a win there. It was away from home and Bayern had put a dagger in our hearts right at the death of the first leg. We didn't play well in the last 20 minutes to let that game slip.

    I think we played a very good away game in Manchester. Playing away games is not about flashy things on the pitch and dictating your style. It is about playing a smart match with brains involved in it. That is why I keep stressing on orchestration. You need mentally tough players to win away from home and in general in the UCL. I will repeat what I said earlier and say that in Ancelotti's reign it was our best performance in a UCL SF (away from home). It gives me hope.

    The confidence and will to come back into the game after Utd. scored very early was pretty good. We took the lead on top of that to really put a dent in Utd.'s gameplan.

    I thought that Old Trafford was pretty quiet as I have seen it in these big games if their team is on the backfoot. After a while they made some noise but mostly after Utd. equalized. Saying that, it's different on TV and different in reality so I would say that I am most probably wrong in this assessment.

    We let Utd. into that game. This recurring problem of us going into a shell just does not seem to go away. I don't think it will go away with Ancelotti. He is the coach and if he sees the team going into a shell, he has to shout his lungs off that the team does not take the foot off the accelerator. I think we have got this habit now. We have gotten away with it far many times so we bank on it to get us through. Unfortunately for us, it doesn't work against the English sides in our experience.

    The game is finely poised IMO. It is 50-50 smack down the middle due to our home advantage and Utd.'s generally poor away form. I believe that Utd. will be playing in the most difficult conditions they have played in ever. This will be tougher than in 2005 for sure. That atmosphere will be out of this world.

    This time there will not be 10,000 Utd. fans sitting right behind the goal in the Curva Nord. It was really easy to make your presence felt and be loud sitting so close to the action. This time there will be 5,000 Utd. fans only and they too will be stationed on the 3rd tier in the Curva Nord which makes it harder for their voice to be heard and make their presence felt. It is harder from that aspect.

    The overall capacity has also gone down by 15,000 due to UEFA restrictions but I fancy the 65,000 Milanisti in the amphitheatre to be loud enough for the echoes to reach the Piazza del Duomo!

    This is a semi-final and Milan from nowhere stand an equally good chance to reach Athens as any other semi-finalist and we have a home leg to do it in. Only Maldini is a doubt and he may miss out I fear. But we have most of the guys fit and raring to go in this massive match.

    We need to overturn a deficit and Ferguson's side has never lost a SF once they have taken the lead. It is a telling statistic but then again in the last 20 odd years of Ferguson's reign they have played only three semi-finals.

    a) against Dortmund which they lost

    b) against Juve which they won

    c) against Leverkusen which they lost

    Some of the historical stats support Utd. while some support Milan. This is shaping up to be the year of the English just like Espana and Italia in the past. While Espana didn't get its two most successful clubs in the final, Italia did.

    Utd. don't have a very strong record in semi-finals but they have made the most of it in the final once they have got there.

    Liverpool have a fantastic record in the semi-finals second only to Milan. We only lost a semi-final by one goal and one dodgy disallowed goal last year after almost 50 years in this competition. That is a massive record.

    We also lost out the home leg after 18 years in a knock-out match in this competition. Therefore, for the sake of history alone I do not see Milan losing out a home leg again tomorrow night as our last outing in the San Siro was a draw to Bayern.

    Seeing that we are not easy to eliminate in the SF, there is a slight edge and hope that we will not lose the SF this time out. From the historical and pattern perspective Milan does look odds on for a good win.

    I have repeatedly mentioned that the league has no bearing to the UCL. That form is irrespective of the UCL form. However a couple of factors count.

    a) Undefeated streaks (formed by the league and the UCL together. Bubble gum trophies don't count here)

    b) Goals scored / goals conceded

    Looking at these two things together it is easy to point out that Milan lost at OT a week ago so our undefeated streak came to an end there.

    Utd. as far as I can recall are on an undefeated streak themselves. They have also scored 7 goals in their last two games. I can't help but feel that the lull in the scoring of Utd. is just around the corner. It happens in football. A straight line graph or an incremental graph does not exist.

    Milan on the other has scored 3 goals in the last 2 games. We are playing quite well but the individual errors cost us from time to time.

    I think most of us know our starting line-up. The only question mark is Maldini and Kaladze will most likely replace him which would be the right pick over Bonera. He is more experienced and has been playing in these big games before.

    I also think that most of us are happy with the line-up and system. Ancelotti shouldn't think about Gila or Oli right now. They can play as subs. We just need to play the back four and shield them with Ambro and Rino. Kaka, Pirlo and Seedorf behind Pippo suits us just fine. I'd love to see Serginho come in and do some serious damage to Utd. as well.

    For Utd. it is clear as light of day that one of Vidic or Ferdinand will most definitely start this match for them. He has taken only 5 defenders with him.

    Rio, Vidic, O'gay, Clown and Heinze.

    Don't be shocked if you see Rio and Vidic back together. The central defence is about to be shuffled one way or the other. It bodes well for our attack as the central defence is always a rhythm thing. One could ask that the same applies to us as well. We have been shuffling all season long. Plus Kaladze only recently played in the centre so I am not that concerned with regards to our change.

    I am trying to keep my thoughts as objective as possible to get the true picture in my mind as to where this tie lies at this moment. Going through all the scenarios, possibilities and factors. It keeps coming back to me that this is a golden opportunity for Milan to literally destroy Utd. and send them back home with their tail between their legs.

    They are virtually the champions elect of England. It was a golden week for them as they got the win, Leeds got relegated and Chelsea messed up at home. The tension in them will not be that much as they know they can win a major trophy this season and as early as next weekend.

    Slur Alice can say that he was not worried even at 1-2 but a picture speaks a thousand words and the true picture is the one that is shown LIVE. He didn't look ecstatic in Munich when Milan won that game and he looked a very worried and angry man when Kaka gave Milan the lead.

    The goal at 3-2 was full of relief more than full of joy. Pictures don't lie. To hell with Hips although they don't lie according to the talentless Shakira.

    The setting is good for a 3-1 win IMO. Obviously it is not that easy to do it. It's like the excitement is bottled like champagne ready to pop. I know that this thread is once again a graveyard but maybe due to different reasons this time. Last time it was perhaps we could lose out but this time it is the nerves kicking in.

    That's why mental toughness is required in the UCL. We need to play with a desire to win. If we do the basic things right. No extraordinary feat required. Just the basics. We can win the home game because that is how home games are won.

    There are goals in this game for both teams. Milan needs to play the best game of our season and Utd. needs to play in the toughest conditions they have experienced ever. While youth is good and doesn't care about the environment, this Utd. side starting from Slurgy to Rooney has stated that his side has more experience this time. With experience comes the fear of losing. With experiece comes the respect for star names in the opposition. A young gun couldn't care less if he is facing Ronaldinho. He will drive himself harder to prove that he can match him and beat him.

    An experienced individual thinks differently. The surprise that awaits Utd. will be bigger this time. Last time the fans were dumbfounded at the choreography and never quite recovered. Something bigger awaits them this time around.

    This time the drinks are not available from 7 tomorrow morning so the bravery of the fans will need to come within themselves.

    Ancelotti has done good things for us and got us bad records but surely surely he will not give us two consecutive UCL SF losses in successive years!!

    We are MILAN and we will show it on the pitch tomorrow night. Utd.'s worst fears are about to be realized. It's a good thing that they have the league almost wrapped up.

    We play it right and Utd. will get clobbered. The situation and build-up is screaming for it.
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    M I L A N

    Riferimento d'Europa

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