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Thread: Man Utd. Vs. AC Milan

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    Quote Originally Posted by drew View Post
    i dont think we can harp on about decisions like that, we lost cos we were ineffective at closing the game out, as is typical of ancelottis milan, we are jekyl and hyde, we must learn to play for 90 minutes no excuses
    You know, that's my biggest fear about the game in San Siro. Just think about this, we play great, score 1-0 and sit back and try to defend. Man Utd scores in the 80th minute and we're out

    I really hope that the guys don't stop dominate and attack even if we're 1 goal up. I don't mean gung ho attacks, but at least try to keep the ball within the team and don't ****ing drop so low back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yasser View Post
    I know drew.. I mentioned it here and in the other thread.. I don't like excuses..
    I know and agree with your opinions on current milan and carlo more than anyone Yasser, i see a draw at the san siro, i really do, 1-0 to us and a late utd goal

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    i blame dida only dida,we scored a goal to his goalie.
    then Milan missed maldini's leadership too much,we didnt deserve this result,at sansiro we will beat them,i believe in them.

    im proud of them last night,englishs were damn lucky,but we proved to world that we are still the best

    dida,he conceded first goal then made mistakes on others

    jankulovski,in terms of time,he did well sometimes he did bad.

    kaka,he showed us who is the best in the world,with 2 perfect goal but he should have scored another 2 goal.

    Bonera and nesta partnership is still so newly,so its not good to blame them.

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    The game last night will go down as one of the most entertaining first legs of the UCL SF. Semi-Final games are usually dire, cagey and cautious affairs with teams involved not willing to give too much away with the fear of losing or missing out on an opportunity.

    Last night Milan and the hosts Manchester United played the game in true spirit of this fantastic competition and played top notch football. I can't help but think that the general and neutral public will not tag Milan as a defensive team ever again which is a cliche term used for Italian clubs.

    I really enjoyed the match from start to finish. It did leave a bad taste in the mouth when Utd. clinched it at the end but it really does not matter that much whether the game finished 2-2 or 3-2 in Utd.'s favour. At least Milan has a clear objective now which we wouldn't have had if we drew last night's game 2-2.


    Utd. got a streaky opening goal due to a fearful Dida I am afraid. Defending him on that is just not justifiable. I really can't comprehend what is going on with him this season but making two huge mistakes in a UCL SF can be very costly. After all, ONE MISTAKE can take you out but he made two. I hope that these mistakes don't come to haunt us again in the second leg. It is frustrating to see him get beat on the near post time and again. Shambolic keeping.


    Amazing start to the match with Utd. scoring very early on in the match. As it happens so many times in football, an early lead is always cut down by the opposition. I have rarely seen football games when one team opens the scoring very early on for that goal to be not neutralized. I was not worried in the least at the time.

    Then Utd. got corner after corner and was turning on the heat to make it a bit uncomfortable for my liking. Milan withstood a fantastic Utd. spell and then Kaka latched on to a very good Seedorf pass for a sprint with one of the calmest finishes I have seen from him. Poor VdS could only look in disbelief as the ball calmly went past him at the far post.

    We got into a different gear after the goal and our midfield started to get control of the match. It looked comfortable as if we were playing at home. I saw glimpses of Total Football with Nesta playing as a libero, then moving to right back to counter Rooney and then coming forward in the centre. I saw Maldini doing the same playing as a libero -> left back -> DM etc.

    Gattuso on the left flank. Seedorf as left back. Pirlo all over the place. I think Utd. was all too confused at the frequent change of positions by Milan. It comes from confidence and Milan had it at that point in the first half.

    Kaka Strikes Again

    Kaka made Evra and Heinze look really stupid which not even the cameraman caught live! Amazing calmness on the ball and brilliant conclusion overall to a well made goal all by himself. I couldn't help but laugh at how he made the Utd. defenders crash into each other in a vein attempt to stop Kaka. Grande!

    At that point in time it seemed as if Milan could make it a really memorable night for themselves. Redondo, Effenberg, Valeron and Ronzilla had all made very strong statements in the past on this ground. Maybe Kaka could add his name to the list as he seemed to do no wrong on a big European night.

    Second Half

    First half ended on a very silent note for Utd. Slur Alice looked pretty worried on the cameras. Utd. players were beginning to get frustrated at the ref and the overall proceedings. Nothing much was happening for them.

    Milan was looking good to score a third one and take a commanding 1-3 lead.

    The second half started and immediately I saw Bonera coming on. When I saw the linesman signalling Maldini's exit, the first thing that came to my mind was "I really hope that Ancelotti is not taking out Maldini thinking that this one is in the bag in order to make it possible for Maldini to play his last UCL game in the San Siro in a weeks time."

    Maldini didn't look to be in trouble in the first half but perhaps the high tempo of the match was started to give his knee problems again. Bad loss for us at a crucial time.

    Even though Maldini had left and Gattuso was still on the pitch I couldn't help but notice a trend. Utd. scored the opener and tried to kick the ball around for a bit after their spell just for the heck of it rather than play actual football. They went slightly conservative and Milan scored 1, then another.

    Utd. finished slightly stronger after that 1-2 lead for Milan as Milan wanted to finish the half rather than continue playing good football that they were playing.

    The second half started and Milan didn't seem too interested in attacking with their own initiative. It was more inclined towards playing on the quick counter and inviting Utd. to come at us.

    The end result was that a hard-working and desperate for an equalizer Utd. side was given the opportunity to slowly grow back into confidence and come back into the game.


    Milan was killing time at every opportunity. That type of attitude already indicated that we were comfortable with what we had and would be willing to wind down the clock as much as we could relying on quick counters only.

    It started to rain and enough to make the pitch heavy. Utd. is used to heavy pitches and playing on their slippery pitch due to rain. It's their home. Milan made it through last time because snowflakes were already falling at kick-off.

    The conditions were changing in the middle of the match and Milan's passes started to go wayward. The tired legs got more tired as it takes more energy to do the running on heavier pitches. Gattuso got injured to make matters worse.

    Everything is adding up

    1. We go defensive at the start of the half.
    2. Maldini does not come out for the second half. He was playing an excellent match.
    3. Rain starts changing the conditions favouring Utd.
    4. Gattuso goes out injured.
    5. Milan are CONTENT with the 1-2 lead going into the precipitating balls mode rather than the big balls mode.
    6. Utd. try, try and try which equates to: THEY WANT IT MORE.

    The end result is that Rooney who was under control fairly well in the first half takes the half opportunity that a predator needs. Scholes with superbly creative flick sends the ball into the danger zone. Dida is as expected sleeping by not making the run to close down the angle as he sees Scholes chipping the ball. Bonera is sleep-walking to not cover for Rooney's run while Nesta is trying his best to put as much pressure as he can on Rooney. It's a team game. Dida and Bonera doing just that little bit more would have probably made it more difficult for Rooney. He may yet have scored but one has to do their job properly. Dida was waiting. Bonera was viewing. Only Nesta was doing his job.

    Anyway .... very good goal nonetheless by Rooney. Credit to Utd. for fighting back. It really showed that they were worried and yet they wanted the win. They had more hunger while our initiative was slipping away.

    Post 2-2

    The game stood at 2-2 and now our midfield didn't have the momentum. Wrong passes, wrong positioning, lack of confidence. The momentum had changed. A bit surprising for me was that even though we were still calm, but to my disappointment, Milan seemed content even with the 2-2. We wanted to hold out for that result. Why would you want to do that?

    Utd. put pressure and started to pummel us into the corner. Milan still seemed to be reasonably comfortable. Dida made a couple of fantastic saves. If only he was like that all night!

    Towards the end of the game it seemed like 2-2 was looming. The Utd. fans did not look happy. Most look worried. Milan fans were chanting. You can always get a feel of how the game is going by the reaction of the fans (home and away) especially in a stadium like Old Trafford which is compact.

    Even I thought that maybe we would get the 2-2 but there was a twist in the tale.

    Rooney with the brace

    It was really comical stuff from us to be honest. We invited the counter attack as we made one last attempt at Utd.'s goal in extra time. Utd. who were defending a bit in the final minutes took the opportunity and went on a fast break. Rooney unleashed a first time shot. I saw the replay a few times and it ceazes to amaze me why Dida is not moving around when he can see what is happening and what might be happening next. He stands still observing till the last minute. And that too in a bad position.

    You really cannot defend how we conceded this one. Amateurish display. You CANNOT be beaten at the near post. It really hurts.

    Final 3-2

    Fantastic persevering Utd. Amazing SF first leg. We have played Dortmund, Inter, PSV and Barcelona in the UEFA Cup / UCL SF over two legs in the past few years.

    I say this without any hesitancy that this was the BEST SEMI-FINAL game we have played out of the above encounters. This is something positive to look out. We played with conviction. We did some damage and we were not overly cautious. We did make a hash of it from 60-90 mins but overall, on the look of things it was our best football performance in these recent SF games we have played.

    At the start of the match if somebody had offered me a 3-2 at Old Trafford I would have taken it. I said pre-game that a weak defence does not mean that Utd. cannot score. Even I would fancy a narrow win for Milan in the San Siro if our situation was like Utd.

    This defeat was coming for us.

    -> We had a reasonably long undefeated streak going on for the past few weeks.

    -> We went into the leg in hot form while Utd. went into the leg with sketchy form.

    -> We had defeated Utd. in our previous two meetings with them. It won't happen for a third time running. This is not Inter.

    -> We had only won once in England in the last 50+ years. You won't win back to back in England with such a poor record there. This is 50+ years history we are talking about.

    Overall, a 2-2 would have made us a bit defensive in the second leg. I think the result we missed out on was perhaps a 1-3 or 2-3 as we could have got it. 2-2 is a pretty tricky result for this Milan side. We don't play well when we have an advantage. It's a pattern under Ancelotti. We mess up in the ascendancy but we do well as underdogs and when we have to come from behind.

    Let's not start taking examples that last time we beat Utd. at home so we can do that again. We came back against Bayern so we can do it against Utd. as well.

    Those examples are null and void. The situation is different. Utd. knows that they need to score to have a chance in this tie. I know a 0-0 is enough for them on paper but the chances of a 0-0 with two attacking teams gunning for the win is pretty rare. Last year's Barca vs. Milan is a very rare example.

    2nd leg

    It is fairly simple for Milan. The equation that is. We need to win and if Utd. score 2, we have to score 4 or win it on dreaded penalties. I don't even want to think about that scenario.

    For Utd. it is fairly simple as well. They have to play their best ever game in the San Siro. I know what I just said and I will repeat it again. Utd. needs to play their best ever game in the San Siro. There.

    Utd. can qualify as much as Milan. They have goals in them and we have goals in us. It is a question of how many do each of us score or concede. I really wouldn't mind Ferdinand, Neville and Vidic returning.

    It comes down to hunger, focus, concentration and these type of factors that I have been mentioning. Above all, mental strength and heart will win the day.

    While Milan has a poor record in England, Utd.'s record is not that admirable against Milan in the San Siro. They've lost all their matches. Utd. are also weak travellers. I would hope that Utd. wins convincingly at Everton to take their undefeated streak a bit longer and make it easier for us to return the favour of breaking it.

    The tie is very much alive. I would call it a dead even tie at 50-50 as Utd. have their narrow win, while Milan has the 2 away goals (which I usually call golden) in addition to a home game.

    We have not been that special against Celtic and Bayern at home so obviously there are nerves. I'm not confident that Milan can pull it off but at the same time I'm not sure whether Utd. can pull it off. It's pretty even to me.

    Depends on what we do and depends on how Utd. copes in this crunch game.


    Really disappointing performance. I know that he was not getting any service but he didn't seem to cover a lot of ground or try to fall back to get the ball. He was falling down like a fairy to get free kicks. Bad play son. Shows you lack confidence and balls.

    I would be interested to see how many metres he covered. I'd be surprised if it is more than 6000m!

    I must admit that I am excited about the second leg. I think it poses to be a cracker. Wednesday nights are dramatic nights. I hope the home team does not win on Tuesday just for the sake of omen and probability.

    We can do it but we need to play our best home match of the UCL this season. It is not out of reach but it doesn't take long for the journey to become longer. We lost at home to Barcelona last season and we drew at home to Bayern last time out. I feel that the odds are decent for us to get a win this time but home wins need to be earned by hard work and application. Away wins are orchestrated with smart play. Home wins are earned by doing the basic things right as most things favour the home side.

    Looking forward to the second leg. It's gonna be as intense as Live Free or Die Hard [Die Hard 4] coming to a theatre near you in late June.

    M I L A N

    Riferimento d'Europa

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