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Thread: Bayern Munich vs AC Milan

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    Quote Originally Posted by drew View Post
    disagree, thats why you use oddo and marek there, they can defend an attack, utd will most likely play one more advanced striker, against 3 centre backs, rooney dropping off leads him to ambro and rino territory both wing backs will be supported by 2 of the three centre backs, remember utds weak point is there other striker, stop rooney and ronaldo and you stop utd!!
    Roma used to play with Panucci and Cafu as wingbacks as well. This formation is very dangerous against pacy wingers playing a flat 4-4-2. At least that is what I feel.

    scholes and carrick wont want to mix it up with max and rino, they like to play from midfield, not fight. It is the job of marek and oddo to not allow the wingers that freedom of running past them, if pace catches them out, the CBs come into the equation.
    I've said it before that pure defending is excellent when the GK, Central defenders and the DM or DMs do their job properly. But it happens so that if a team gets caught out then it is usually because some of these guys are out of position or not doing their job properly.

    As for arsenal destroying zacs inter, they also destroyed arsenal at highbury 4-1 remember.
    I think the formations were different for both at the time as Inter were not coached by Zac at the time. Inter played 4-4-1-1 if I recall correctly.

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    i also think that carrick could struggle, roma went very much his way, we need to exploit his inexperience.

    I dont recall the inter formation at highbury if im honest mate, you are most probably right.

    I know we will never play 352, but ive always seen it as a formation that could work for us, we have always had an abundance of good CBs and wing backs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haroon View Post
    Roma used to play with Panucci and Cafu as wingbacks as well. This formation is very dangerous against pacy wingers playing a flat 4-4-2. At least that is what I feel.
    You are correct. Three central defenders, and two wingbacks on each side leave much space behind the wingbacks, and on the two sides of the central defenders. A good playmaker, in this case a decent Carrick, could provide balls on these areas to running Ronaldo, Giggs or even Rooney.

    Rooney wouldn't drop to midfield area in 3-5-2, he and Ferguson aren't stupid to try and find space in the Berlin wall with Nesta, Kaladze, Maldini, Ambrosini, Gattuso and Pirlo all being centrally placed. No, he will be searching for space out nearby where the cornerkicks are taken.

    That you have good defending wingbacks don't matter, because they will never be able to be wingbacks and at the same time cover the space behind them.

    3-5-2 would be suicide IMO. 4-3-2-1 isn't that bad against a flat 4-4-2. 4-4-2-formation leaves space between defence and midfield, plus between attack and midfield. That gives Pirlo room in the deep role, and Kaká and Seedorf room behind United's midfield.

    On the other hand, Milan will leave space on the sides of the three-man midfield (left to Ambrosini, right to Gattuso) but that's why it's good to have two DM's there. If that midfield easily can move from the right to left and viceversa depending on where United attack, Milan will have two good fullbacks covered by two good DM's. Being mobile once United start curling the ball from the right to the left, or the other way around, is essential.

    Maybe I would even consider Brocchi a better option than Ambrosini for that role. He is aggressive, fast and can run like hell. Milan will have a three-man midfield who will be very mobile from side-to-side.
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