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    The reason about this topic is to bring devilsmania to the next level.

    What i mean is that i would like to add features, options, utils or whatever you may think of that would be usefull for everybody.

    The whole idea is to keep it as much close to the forums but i dont really mind if we dont fully integrade it.

    Some things that come to mind are:

    1. A proper 'news' website that premium/members are allowed to post news or whatever on.

    2. Video/images archive. (this option is already inside the forum but its kinda boring/empty right now). I would really think we should give it more content and maybe open it to the world.

    3. Extra services like email or web(blog?)space for the members.

    - Remember that its _NOT_ my idea to change DM in ANY way ! This means it will never ever change about its content and that's Milan/Soccer/Sport in a great enviorment with great people !
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